Intelligent, Connected, and Patient-Centric 

The Doctors Clinic Group

Blending Science and Technology with Data-Led Transformation

Problem Description

The Doctors Clinic Group, an integrated healthcare provider, offers a diverse range of healthcare services, many of which can be delivered remotely as well as in person. During the expansion phase they started facing challenges in providing quality patient care due to more data sets being generated than ever before and lack of technology solutions. Herein, healthcare practitioners were struggling to deliver remote services and to manage their workload effectively.

Solution Approach

To tackle the issue, we, that is, VE3 investigated the most innovative means of enabling data aggregation from various data-generating sensors. During the course, we identified major shortfalls in patient registration and appointment scheduling due to the company’s legacy IT system, data fragmentation and information silos.

To streamline data and facilitate dynamic, future-ready solutions that help increase collaboration, insights, and innovation, The Doctors Clinic Group needed the versatility and adaptability of cloud technology. So herein, to optimize patient care as the core, VE3 implemented an electronic health record (EHR) system. This system enables healthcare providers to access patient information quickly, resulting in more accurate diagnoses and improved healthcare delivery. In addition to the same, the platform provides customisable requirements and services and is built on cloud infrastructure (cloud engineering). With less investment in IT architecture and cheaper maintenance costs, it facilitates access to information anywhere, at any time.

The focus now is on patient-centric ecosystems that accelerate innovation to ensure personalized medical services. So, to streamline patient registration and appointment scheduling, we suggested developing a patient portal. The portal would allow patients to register and schedule appointments online, reducing wait times and improving the patient experience. In addition to the same, the solution would provide a single point of contact for patient queries around wellness, claim reimbursements, health plan options and test results, among other things.

For the purpose of making commercial and medical choices, an end-to-end data and analytics system (AI and Data Analytics) would provide a larger and deeper perspective of operations. In view of the same, we suggested using analytical tools that use intelligent, cloud-based solutions which boost resource capacity, employee productivity, connect data (DevOps Solutions) for personalized services across channels, and enhance the quality of care and therapies. This would in turn assist healthcare practitioners better analyze patient data, identify trends in patient care, and make data-driven decisions.


As a result of VE3’s solution-centric approach, The Doctors Clinic Group saw a Digital Transformation within its business that support data-driven decision making, predict future trends, optimize operations and spur growth. The implementation of EHR resulted in more accurate diagnoses and improved care delivery, leading to higher patient satisfaction. The development of a patient portal reduced wait times and improved the patient experience. The use of analytics tools enabled healthcare providers to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions, resulting in more effective care delivery.

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