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LearnPlatform Challenge

Bridging the Digital Divide

Problem Description

LearnPlatform is a for-benefit research organization committed to expanding equitable access for all students to the teaching and technology that works best for them. It applies an edtech effectiveness system used to organize, streamline, and rapidly analyze the impact of technology and teaching practices. The company delivers ground-breaking tools that save money, improve learning, and build the capacity of hundreds of thousands of educators and their organizations. Their desire to expand (hyper growth) equitable access for all students to teaching and education technology drove certain challenges in delivering an effective online learning experience. Students started finding it difficult to engage with the material and retain information, leading to lower grades and dissatisfaction with the system.

Solution Approach

Through visionary process analysis, VE3 identified the key areas where technology could be leveraged to better support LearnPlatform and keep up with the growing enrollments. Additionally, we identified that the platform was not user-friendly, with complex navigation and cluttered interfaces. From the requisite assessments, we suggested a cutting-edge CRM platform to support engagement with prospective students and learners throughout the student lifecycle. 

VE3 helped design, build, and deploy the CRM solution i.e. Salesforce to complement the academic programs delivery, modernize the employee experience, and provide best in-class student experience, support, and service. Furthermore, gaining insights from the platform analysis that identified key data, processes, and interactions to be supported we recommended a redesign of the user interface which aimed at improving the user experience and making the platform more accessible and friendly. 

To increase student engagement and motivation, VE3 suggested incorporating gamification into the online learning experience. Gamification involves using game-like elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, to motivate students and make learning more fun. Additionally, we utilized data analytics tools to analyze student data and identify areas for improvement which helped to optimize the learning experience, identify where students were struggling and provide personalized feedback to help them improve. 


Together, the LearnPlatform, Salesforce, and VE3 teams successfully implemented the solution, using innovative Salesforce technology, student-centric processes, and insightful analytics. The redesign of the user interface made the platform more user-friendly and accessible, improving student engagement and satisfaction. The implementation of gamification elements helped to motivate students and make learning more fun, leading to higher grades and improved satisfaction. The use of data analytics tools also helped to optimize the learning experience, providing personalized feedback to students and improving their understanding of the material. Conclusively, the development and implementation of this new student-facing portal has accelerated the hyper-growth mission of the company, enabling students to engage in more. 

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