From Outdated to Cutting-Edge

Wheels Challenge

Solving Problems and Enhancing Engagement

Problem Description

Wheels, a shared electric mobility platform, designed to revolutionize dockless mobility offers hybrid electric vehicles that are sleek in design with swappable parts, batteries and real-time dynamic maintenance, enabling users to get low-cost, fun and comfortable e-bikes to get around cities through the connection of a smartphone. The post-pandemic world is facing economic volatility and new expectations. For this reason, Wheels needed a refreshed mobile experience to compete with the expectations set by today’s tech-first world.


Solution Approach

VE3 began by conducting a thorough analysis of Wheels’s existing mobile application. To get a clear picture, we gathered user feedback and conducted usability tests to identify the key problems and areas of improvement that needed to be addressed. In the end, we discovered outdated UI, slow loading speed, poor navigation, and lack of integration with social media.

In order to enhance the new app interface, VE3 created wireframes and mockups. To successfully implement the same, we worked closely with Wheels’s design team to ensure that the new UI aligns with their brand and vision. The new UI featured modern design elements, clear and intuitive navigation, and a fresh color palette. We optimized the app's code and implemented caching techniques to improve its loading speed. Additionally, we simplified the app's navigation by grouping related features and ensuring that users could access them with minimal effort.

To track customer preferences and offer personalized recommendations, VE3 suggested developing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This system would enable Wheels to track customer interactions, preferences, and behavior, and provide personalized recommendations based on their history. In addition to the same, we provided real-time analytics of the app's performance, allowing the company to identify and fix any pertaining issues instantly.

To improve user engagement, we integrated the app with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This allowed users to share their rides, connect with other electric bike enthusiasts, and earn rewards for their participation.


With access to VE3’s insights and intelligence around emerging trends and market demands, Wheels was able to dream up new ideas and broaden the horizons of possibility. The new app is sleek and seamless, providing an end-to-end personalized experience and also supports expanded attributes and pricing offerings. Already, the app is seeing exceptional results; a key contributor to Wheels’s growth and ongoing success. Resultly, as of VE3’s in-depth knowledge in the requisite domain, Wheels saw significant improvements in the customer experience. The app is also faster and has near-perfect, crash-free performance. The development of a CRM system enabled the company to track customer preferences and offer personalized recommendations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The real-time analytics additionally provided helped to identify and fix any pertaining issues quickly, reducing downtime and improving overall performance.

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