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Case Studies

Bulb: Mobile App Experience Design

With a commitment to sustainability and an ever-expanding clientele, Bulb recognized the necessity of developing a mobile app that not only met the needs of its users but also stood out in a competitive market. Let us study how our comprehensive Experience Design & UX & UI Design process helped the Bulb Energy mobile app.

Bulb: Data Analysis & Product Innovation

Bulb approached us with a unique challenge: to create innovative propositions that would not only help them acquire and retain customers but also change the way people think about their energy usage. Leveraging advanced data analysis and product design, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize how customers interact with their energy data and make more informed decisions.

Bulb: Smart Pay as You Go

In a world of evolving energy needs and payment preferences, Bulb embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the way customers manage their energy payments. Let us delve into Bulb’s strategic move of introducing a Smart Pay as You Go system, highlighting the challenges, opportunities, approach, and the remarkable outcomes that followed.