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The healthcare and life sciences industry has always been an essential part of society, but in recent years, it has become increasingly important. With advances in technology, changing demographics, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years. The growing importance of the healthcare and life sciences industry is not without its challenges. However, the rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for governments, businesses, and individuals alike, and the industry faces significant regulatory and legal challenges, particularly in areas such as data privacy and security. VE3 has stepped in here and addresses the critical imperatives through intelligent, cloud-based solutions that increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, connect data for personalized services across channels, and improve the quality of care and therapeutics.



Digital Transformation

Gear Up Your Business for the Digital Age. Our Digital Experts Help Businesses Adapt to the Upcoming Digital Era and Enhance Operation Using the Immense Power of Technology.

Product Innovation

Transform Ideas Into Game Changing Technology. We Help Businesses Be One Step Ahead of Their Competition with Next-Gen Innovative Technologies that Cater to User Needs.


Technology Optimisation

Maximize Business Potential with Strategic Enhancements. We Help Businesses Increase Outcome Exponentially Through Measured Technological Upgrades.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Agile Transformation

Enable businesses to adopt and implement agile methodologies to improve their productivity, responsiveness, and adaptability.

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Cloud Engineering

Provide on-demand access to shared computing resources, such as servers, storage, and applications, enabling organizations to scale and manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently.

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DevOps Solutions

Involve the creation, testing, and deployment of custom software applications to meet specific business needs and improve efficiency.

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API Management

Provides  a centralized platform for organizations to design, deploy, monitor, and secure their APIs, enabling them to efficiently manage and scale their API programs.

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AI and Data Analytics

Enable organizations to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. 

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Product Engineering

Provides end-to-end support for development, design, testing, and deployment of software products, leveraging best practices to accelerate time-to-market, improve quality, and enhance user experiences.

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Experience Design

Provides a customer-centric approach to designing and improving digital products and services, leveraging usability testing and visual design to create intuitive, engaging user experience.

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Digital Advisory

Provide strategic guidance and expertise to organizations in navigating digital transformation, leveraging emerging technologies and innovative solutions to optimize processes.

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Application Modernization

Involves updating and upgrading legacy applications to improve functionality, reduce costs, enhance user experience, and align with the latest technologies and industry standards.

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Process Automation

Leverages technology and automation to streamline and optimize business processes for improved efficiency, productivity, and agility, ensuring business development and growth.

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Enterprise Platforms

Provides a comprehensive, scalable and efficient solution for managing and integrating business applications and data across the organization's entire infrastructure.

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Why Choose Us?

Healthcare Security

Healthcare businesses are susceptible to cyberattacks at massive scales. Through integrated incident response plans and enhanced resilience, we boost cybersecurity measures and make it more cyber resilient.

Operational Transformation

It becomes difficult to respond to disruptions caused by expanding markets and rising customer expectations. Herein we ensure you're ready to deal with any potential or unforeseen obstacles.


With cloud technologies at the center of the business, we expand access by concurrently increasing affordability and streamlining patient experience through transparency and personalization.

Impact On Sub-Domains


We help companies optimize their R&D processes by providing software solutions. Additionally, we help implement ERP systems to manage supply chain, inventory, and distribution.


We assist companies manage their data more effectively, from R&D to manufacturing and commercialization. We also provide expertise in areas such as bioinformatics and big data analytics.

Supply Chain Management

We use Intelligent supply chain platforms like SAP to plan and schedule based on real-time equipment level operational visibility in order to make the chain patient-centric.

Medical Technology

We help companies implement services such as electronic health record, custom software, and data analytics. Additionally, we  provide telemedicine solutions, patient engagement platforms, and cybersecurity.

Case Study

The Doctors Clinic Group

The Doctors Clinic Group, an integrated healthcare provider, during its expansion phase started facing challenges in providing quality patient care due to more data sets being generated than ever before and lack of technology solutions. This in turn, made healthcare practitioners struggle in delivering remote services and to manage their workload effectively.

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