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VE3 specialises in facilitating product development, modernisation, and full-cycle management using cloud technology. Our Cloud services are designed to optimise your overall budget, conserve time, and utilise resources efficiently. With expertise in AWSAzureGCP, and Linode, we provide a hybrid model for your applications, enabling seamless deployment with a multi-cloud strategy. Our cloud consulting experts offer a holistic strategy coupled with technical knowledge to develop applications in virtual environments and make effective use of cloud services. We excel in developing cloud-based applications, assisting you in deploying, maintaining, and supporting these technologies. Our automated management solutions cater to your business needs across hybrid, public, and private cloud environments. We understand the future of cloud technology and are committed to helping you drive business value, build resilience, and achieve your transformation, adaptation, and innovation goals. We stay abreast of cloud migration trends, leveraging our expertise to provide efficient cloud engineering services. We believe in sustainable cloud computing practices, ensuring environmentally responsible solutions. With our insights into multi-cloud statistics and cloud trends, we offer comprehensive guidance in managing your cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we provide an open-source multi-cloud management platform and expertise in Salesforce Finance Cloud, enabling seamless integration and optimisation of your financial processes.



Allows businesses to seize growth opportunities promptly, without the need for substantial upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure.


Enhances operational efficiency by eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure and streamlining resource management.


Allows businesses to experiment, develop, and deploy new applications and services with rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration.

Designing cloud solutions to drive business outcomes

We analyse each client’s business requirements to create a comprehensive plan that guides their development, migration, integration, and ongoing support of AWS, Azure or GCP services. Our goal is to provide top-notch solutions, enabling clients to reach their milestones and succeed. We help you in:

  • Assessing Business Needs

  • Choosing Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Ongoing Support

We design, build and deploy cloud-native applications tailored to your business needs. Our development approach is based on agility, ensuring that the application is flexible and can quickly adapt to the changing requirements of your users. We collaborate with top cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We help you in: 

  • Architecture design 

  • Cloud native applications 

  • Serverless Application 

  • Microservices Architecture 

  • Application deployment 

Building applications specifically designed for cloud platforms offers numerous advantages, enabling businesses to maximise scalability and resilience. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, organisations can develop and deploy applications that efficiently utilise cloud resources and adapt to fluctuating demands. Here are some key benefits of building cloud-native applications:

  • Scalability

  • Resilience and High Availability

  • Cost Optimisation

  • Rapid Deployment and Iteration

  • Global Reach and Scalable Storage

We believe that security is a critical aspect of cloud app development and understand the importance of ensuring that your project complies with industry-standard security protocols. We monitor every component configured on the cloud and enable security mechanisms in adherence to HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS and ISOs. We implement access control policies that allow only authorized users over a network. We provide expertise and support to swiftly address any security breaches or disruptions. We help you in: 


  • Data Security 

  • Network Security 

  • Access control policies (IAM) 

  • Incident Response and recovery 

  • Compliance management 

We deeply analyse the existing cloud infrastructure, configure resources, and replace them with appropriate frameworks and libraries. Our team will seamlessly migrate your system to the cloud infrastructure with zero-to-minimal downtime while maintaining best practices, robust security measures, and rigorous testing. We prioritize a smooth and efficient migration process to ensure your cloud app remains fully operational and accessible throughout the transition. Our cloud migration stages include: 

  • Plan

  • Review

  • Migrate 

  • Validate

  • Operate

  • Optimise

We seamlessly integrate applications with cloud infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment process. With a team of skilled cloud engineers experienced in networking, OS, and storage space components, we ensure seamless integration of APIs, databases & network resources with uninterrupted data flow. We help you in :

  • Application Integration

  • Data Integration

  • API Management

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

  • Service Integration

  • Process Integration

We fine-tune and maximize the efficiency of cloud infrastructure, services, and applications to achieve optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. It focuses on optimising resource utilization, minimising costs, improving reliability, and enhancing overall cloud operations. Here are some key aspects of cloud optimisation:

  • Resource Optimization

  • Cost Optimisation

  • Performance Optimisation

  • Security and Compliance Optimization

  • Scalability and Availability Optimization

  • Automation and Orchestration

We ensure your cloud performance is optimal and consistent. With our support team, we are available 24/7 to connect with you and provide quick solutions to your queries and resolve any cloud error within a minimal time. We prioritize the resolution of errors or issues, minimising downtime and ensuring a seamless cloud experience with: 

  • Resource monitoring

  • Performance optimisation

  • Security and compliance management

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Cost optimisation

  • logs and reports

  • Recommendations

Our Cloud Partners

Cloud FinOps​

At VE3, we specialize in delivering comprehensive FinOps solutions help you to optimize your cloud spending and enhance financial management practices. With our deep expertise in FinOps, we empower businesses to achieve cost efficiency, maximize resource allocation, and align cloud operations with strategic objectives. Our team of FinOps professionals combines financial acumen with technical prowess, enabling us to offer a holistic approach to cloud financial management.

With VE3's FinOps expertise, you can unlock the full potential of their cloud investments. We empower businesses to achieve cost savings, enhance financial visibility, and drive optimal outcomes in their cloud environments. Partner with us to transform your cloud financial management and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions​

We help you implement end-to-end highly scalable, secure, and cost-efficient cloud solutions customized for seamless digital transformation and optimized performance.​

Our Cloud Capabilities

Applications Delivery Management

- Application Metrics & KPIs
- Software Delivery Pipelines
- Container Management

IT Service Delivery

- Self Service Catalogue
- Automated Provisioning
- Automated Governance
-Brokered Services
- Infrastructure as Code
- API Management

Operational Efficiency

- Intelligent Remediation
- Integrated Compliance
- Performance Optimization
- Capacity and Cost Optimization

Hybrid cloud & Multi-cloud

- Seamless migration
- Virtual machines
- Containers
- Kubernetes
- Cloud-to-cloud integration

Our Approach

Revolutionize Your Business with Cloud: Our Approach to Optimization and Scalability


  • Access current infrastructure
  • Define migration objectives 


  • Select cloud provider ​
  • Execute the migration plan
  • ​Conduct testing and validation ​


  • Enhance cloud resources ​
  • Monitor growth​ needs ​


  • Refine performance 
  • Ensure cost effectiveness ​

Why Choose US

Our top-notch services, methodologies, and professionals are trusted to develop cloud-integrated applications in compliance with industry-defined guidelines.

  • On-Time Delivery​

    The Experienced and Certified Project Managers and Analysts confirm the delivery of your application within the described time.​

  • Competitive Pricing​

    Our cost-efficient pricing models include pay per hour, pay per milestone and pay at project completion. In addition, we produce schedules to ensure the highest return on investments to strengthen these frameworks.​

  • Seamless Communication​

    We develop multiple communication plans and streams to update with project progress. In addition, we are always available to discuss changes and quires.​

  • Multiple Deployment Approaches​

    We offer multiple deployment approaches (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) after insight into your current business procedures.​

  • Dedicated Team​

    Our cloud development team comprises certified AWS experts aware of each cloud component configuration, maintenance, and up-gradation. ​

  • Robust Cloud Partnerships

    We partner with leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, enabling optimal solutions and the latest innovations for clients.


We deploy customer centric solutions with our cloud technology leveraging efficiency, scalability, and security.


What makes us different?


We accompany you throughout every stage of the process, assisting in the ideation and implementation of cutting-edge cloud technology solutions. Our commitment extends beyond deployment, as we continue to provide regular upgrades and expert consultation to ensure ongoing success and innovation. 


Our engagement model emphasises effective process management and resource optimiszation at all levels while enabling the delivery of high-quality solutions by customer needs. 


We can safely move  complicated hybrid or multi-cloud settings to remove vulnerability and exposure. 


To create market-leading solutions, our team of qualified AWS, Azure & GCP developers follows well-defined development, quality-check, deployment, and maintenance processes. 


We are completely transparent in keeping you informed on the development status. Additionally, we proactively identify potential disruptions and seek advice on mitigating actions. 

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Our clients trust us for our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering results. We assemble a team of world-class Cloud experts to ensure the success of your next project.