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At VE3, we enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business by analysing and optimising your systems, these services can help you achieve better performance, enhance user experience, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve customer satisfaction. With faster and more reliable systems, your employees can complete tasks more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and ultimately, profitability.



Analyse and identify performance bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.


Analyze the scalability of your systems and develop strategies to enable seamless scalability.


Monitor system performance in real-time, identifying areas for enhancement & proactively addressing performance issues.


Analyse and identify performance bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.


Analyze the scalability of your systems and develop strategies to enable seamless scalability.


Monitor system performance in real-time, identifying areas for enhancement & proactively addressing performance issues.

Improve Performance, Agility & Scalability with Our Expert Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

We create a system model to simulate its behaviour under different scenarios and identify potential performance issues that can be used to evaluate the impact of changes to the system, such as adding new features, changing hardware, or modifying infrastructure.

We measure the performance of a system against industry standards or competitors to identify areas for improvement and determine the effectiveness of performance improvements, identify areas where the system is lagging competitors, and set goals for future performance improvements. 

We evaluate real-world usage scenarios to test the performance and scalability of software applications and systems to identify how the system performs under a specific load and to ensure that it can handle the expected number of users without performance issues. Performance testing can be conducted at different stages of the software development lifecycle, such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. 

We evaluate the system in real-time to identify performance issues and take corrective actions with the help of various metrics, such as CPU usage, memory usage, network traffic, and response times, after which alerts can be generated. Corrective actions can be taken to prevent downtime or slowdowns. 

We use tools to identify performance bottlenecks and critical paths in software code helping developers identify sections of code that are taking longer to execute, consuming more resources, or causing performance issues which can then be used to optimise the code and improve overall system performance. 

We implement optimisations such as caching, load balancing, and database tuning to improve system performance while storing frequently accessed data in memory to reduce the number of database queries required. This also involves distributing requests across multiple servers to improve throughput and reduce response times alongside, optimising database queries and indexes to reduce query times and improve overall system performance. 

Our Approach

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Defining Requirements

Identifying expected usage scenarios & workload patterns for the system that are specific and measurable to ensure they can be tested and verified.

Identify Limitations

Outlining limitations impacting system performance include assessing the hardware and software components. 

Design & Execution Testing

Designing & executing performance tests to identify potential bottlenecks and areas of the system that may be prone to failure under load.

Optimize Performance

Implementing various optimisation techniques such as caching, load balancing, database tuning, and code optimisation. 

Monitor & Maintain

Constant monitoring of the system's performance metrics to identify potential issues and take corrective action as necessary. 

Root Cause Analysis & Capacity Planning

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Capacity Planning services are fundamental to effective performance engineering. With this expertise, we help businesses dive deep into the system to uncover the root causes of performance issues, whether they stem from code inefficiencies, configuration problems, database queries, or infrastructure limitations. By identifying the underlying causes, we make targeted optimisations and improvements to enhance system performance and user experience. Capacity Planning, involves forecasting and planning resource requirements based on expected workloads. This proactive approach ensures that systems are adequately equipped to handle anticipated demand, optimising resource allocation and preventing performance bottlenecks. By leveraging RCA and Capacity Planning services, we troubleshoot issues efficiently, prevent their recurrence, optimise resource utilisation, achieve scalability, and deliver an optimal user experience. Ultimately enabling organisations to proactively manage and enhance their systems, ensuring they perform at their best under varying workloads and evolving business demands. 

Our tech stack

Tools used to boost your performance

Pioneering Big Performance Engineering for Data-Driven Success. Automating and optimizing your business data to unlock efficient management and utilization of large-scale resources, empowering you to achieve your goals.

We Power up your Business potential with strategic enhancements

VE3 focuses on optimising the performance and scalability of your technology, applications, and workflow. We follow industry best practices and the latest technologies to ensure that our solutions greatly impact your outcomes and enhance your returns effectively. 


What makes us different?


Our team is with you throughout each phase, assisting in developing and optimisation of strategies utilising our advanced performance engineering techniques. Post-deployment, we remain dedicated to offering regular performance evaluations and expert guidance, guaranteeing ongoing enhancement and achievement.  

Tech savy

We have the technical expertise and relevant experience to guide your digital journey. 


We rigorously work on 4 steps to develop applications; Ideation, implementation, testing, deployment, and upgradation. 


We keep you constantly updated on the progress of the project, focusing on KPIs, development efficiency, and actual vs allocated budget. 


We always put client ideas and requirements at the center of our app development planning.

IMPACTS OF Performance Engineering

Application profiling & diagnostics

Risk mitigation & prevention

Usability & accessibility evaluation

Streamlined project management

Real-time performance insights

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