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FSA Select VE3 to Support and Improve Digital Services

FSA, a non-ministerial government department committed to safeguarding consumer interests concerning food safety and transparency, has entrusted us with enhancing the security, accessibility, and overall robustness of their digital services. The primary objective is to ensure that FSA’s digital platforms remain aligned with evolving user needs and government standards, thereby maintaining their effectiveness in communicating vital information to consumers, food businesses, industry stakeholders, and academia. Our responsibilities include ongoing support, maintenance, and proactive monitoring of application performance, security, and capacity. We will also collaborate with FSA and other partners to address security vulnerabilities promptly and will be responsible for ensuring that all supported components, such as application and database servers, are up-to-date, adhering to industry standards. 

FCA Award Decision Notice:
CON-22-233 Digital Services Framework

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has unveiled its selected suppliers for the CON-22-233 Digital Services Framework, a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing the FCA’s cloud and technology capabilities. Notably, VE3 has been chosen as one of the suppliers for this framework, signifying our commitment to delivering top-tier digital services. This announcement marks a significant milestone for VE3, highlighting our growing presence in the digital services sector. As the FCA modernizes its digital infrastructure through this framework, industry experts eagerly anticipate the innovative contributions and transformative solutions that VE3 will bring to the table.

VE3 Introduces One-Click Blockchain Nodes Deployment Solutions

VE3 is revolutionizing the approach to blockchain projects and decentralized networks by introducing Blockchain Node Deployment as a part of our comprehensive offering alongside blockchain consulting services. Unlike traditional methods, VE3 provides an all-in-one solution that includes Blockchain Node Deployment alongside expert consulting services, ensuring easy testing and deployment within the existing infrastructure while maintaining robust data security. Our one-click blockchain node deployment approach offers essential expertise and resources tailored for businesses of all types, ensuring a smooth and secure integration of blockchain technology for both permissioned and public blockchain protocols.


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