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Big Data Engineering

Pioneering the Future of Data-driven Systems

Unleashing Insights through Advanced Analytics

Big data engineering is at the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. As data volumes and complexity continues to grow, businesses require advanced and efficient data processing methodologies to extract valuable insights. At VE3, we offer an extensive suite of big data engineering services designed to help organisations harness the full potential of their data assets.  Utilising cutting-edge technologies, distributed computing frameworks, and advanced analytics, we enable enterprises to easily process, store, and analyse massive data sets. Our expertise in data integration, ETL pipelines, and real-time data processing empowers clients to make well-informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.  

Furthermore, we build scalable and fault-tolerant solutions to ensure seamless performance under demanding workloads, while our data governance and security practices guarantee protecting sensitive information. Our team of experienced big data engineers is proficient in various industry-leading tools and platforms, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that align with each client’s unique requirements. In addition, our strong emphasis on cloud-based deployment, containerisation, and automation ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure and promotes operational efficiency. 

Harnessing Big Data for Intelligent Decision-making


Enables businesses to easily handle large and complex datasets and analyses massive volumes of data efficiently.


Creates the infrastructure and architecture necessary to support complex analytics processes.

Data Quality

Applies quality checks, validation rules & cleansing techniques to ensure the accuracy, consistency & reliability.


Translate the Power of Data into Business Success 

Data Storage
& Processing


& Automation


Machine Learning
& AI Integration

Data Migration
& Transformation

Real-time Data

Data Integration
& ETL Pipelines

Our Big Data Engineering Framework

At VE3, we are committed to delivering exceptional Big Data engineering services that transform raw data into valuable business insights. Our comprehensive approach includes data ingestion from multiple sources, employing advanced ETL processes, utilising cutting-edge processing and storage technologies, applying sophisticated analytics techniques, and enabling data-driven execution tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Our team of experienced engineers and data scientists work collaboratively with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver customised solutions designed to optimise your processes, drive growth, and empower data-driven decision-making across your organisation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, ensuring that your organisation benefits from a robust big data infrastructure that delivers meaningful insights and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 


Data Ingestion & Integration

Efficiently gather data from disparate sources and integrate it using advanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, ensuring seamless connectivity and data quality. 


Data Processing & Storage

Utilise advanced technologies like Apache Spark, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases to clean, transform, and manage raw data efficiently, enabling scalability and real-time processing. 



Employ sophisticated techniques such as predictive analytics, ML, and deep learning to uncover hidden patterns and trends, generating actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.


Data-Driven Execution

Implement strategic actions based on insights, continuously monitor outcomes, and employ feedback loops to refine processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement & innovation. 

Big Data Engineering Approach

Your Path to Innovation and Growth 

Big Data Use Cases


VE3 aids organisations in monitoring and analysing sensor data from equipment, enabling the prediction of potential failures and scheduling proactive maintenance. This approach reduces downtime and costs while enhancing the overall efficiency of operations.


VE3 supports businesses in processing and analysing extensive customer data sets, helping them identify distinct segments. This knowledge allows businesses to tailor their marketing efforts effectively, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Supply Chain

VE3 helps organisations analyse and optimise their supply chain operations by identifying real-time bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential risks. Such optimisations improve overall performance, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness.

Fraud Detection & Prevention​

By employing machine learning and advanced analytics, VE3 assists organisations in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities. This capability enables businesses to mitigate risks, safeguard their reputation, and ensure regulatory compliance more effectively. ​

Real-time Analysis & Reporting​

VE3 empowers organisations to monitor financial performance, track key metrics, and generate actionable insights for informed decision-making. This is achieved through leveraging big data engineering solutions and fostering data-driven financial management.

Telecommunications Network Analysis

VE3 supports telecom providers in processing and analysing network data, enabling them to optimise network performance, identify potential issues, and enhance customer experiences. This collaboration results in seamless connectivity and improved service quality.

Retail Inventory Management

VE3 helps retailers analyse sales, inventory, and customer data, optimising store operations, refining product assortment, and improving customer experiences. This data-driven approach drives growth and profitability in an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

Internet of Things

VE3 our solutions can collect and analySe data from sensors, devices, and machines enabling you to monitor and optimise performance, identify maintenance needs, and gain real-time insights for better decision-making.

Our tech Stack

Tools used for OUR big data engineering solution

VE3 leads the way in big data engineering, specialising in the automation and management of your business data to empower you in accomplishing your business goals through efficient handling and utilisation of large-scale data resources.

Apache Spark

Engineer scalable and robust data infrastructure for your business 

From data ingestion and processing to storage and analytics, we provide strategic guidance that helps businesses harness the power of big data engineering, driving innovation, and unlocking valuable insights for sustainable growth. 

Empower your organisation with scalable, secure, and efficient data solutions

What makes us different?


We accompany you throughout the journey, assisting in developing and implementing cutting-edge Big Data Engineering solutions. Our commitment to you extends beyond deployment, ensuring ongoing upgrades and expert consultation to continuously enhance your Big Data Engineering capabilities.


VE3 embraces an agile approach to Big Data Engineering, enabling rapid development and adaptation to changing client requirements. This flexibility ensures that delivered solutions remain relevant and effective in the dynamic world of big data.


VE3 leverages its deep industry knowledge and rich domain expertise to develop Big Data Engineering solutions that address specific challenges relevant to each client’s industry.  This domain-driven approach ensures that solutions are tailored to maximise client impact.


VE3 strongly emphasises data security and privacy, ensuring that its Big Data Engineering solutions adhere to the highest data protection standards. This security-focused approach helps clients maintain compliance and safeguard their valuable data assets.


VE3 prioritises the needs and expectations of its clients, delivering Big Data Engineering solutions that are designed to enhance user experience and drive business value. This customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive solutions that are technically sound and aligned with their goals and objectives.


Machine learning integration

Cross-functional collaboration

Sentiment analysis

Fraud detection and prevention

Streamlined supply chain management

Digital Insider


Our clients trust us for our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering results. We assemble a team of world-class Big Data experts to ensure the success of your next project.