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Welcome to VE3’s Sitecore Technology Services, where we bring you cutting-edge solutions to unlock the true potential of Sitecore technology. With our deep expertise in Sitecore, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to elevate your digital presence and deliver exceptional experiences. From Sitecore implementation and development to migration and upgrades, our skilled team ensures seamless integration and provides customised solutions to meet your specific business needs. With our relentless focus on innovation and adherence to industry best practices, we empower you to stay ahead of the curve and maximise the value of your Sitecore technology investment. Trust VE3 as your partner in Sitecore technology services, and together, we will propel your organisation to new heights in the digital landscape. 

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VE3 provides comprehensive Sitecore implementation services designed to secure your content creation environment and enable the development of a winning digital business strategy with the safety of your content while gaining valuable insights into crafting a strategy that drives success. Our certified experts excel at efficiently translating your business needs into tangible technology applications, empowering your organisation to thrive in the digital landscape. 

With VE3, you can harness the full potential of Sitecore, ensuring your digital platform is finely tuned for success and tailored to your unique business needs. We empower you with end-to-end Sitecore development solutions and enhanced control to provide a collaborative work environment and maximise digital capabilities. Our skilled developers specialise in crafting customised web solutions that drive profitability and deliver exceptional results. 

At VE3, we provide a proven migration strategy and leverage trusted tools and technology to ensure a smooth and efficient switch to Sitecore without disruptions. Our reliable team will handle the migration process, ensuringt your valuable content and data are securely transferred to the Sitecore platform. We make your migration experience hassle-free, allowing you to fully capitalise on the benefits of Sitecore without compromising your existing content and functionality. 

VE3 guarantees a hassle-free upgrade process that seamlessly enhances your platform's capabilities. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition, keeping your business operations running smoothly throughout the upgrade. Our expert services provide you with the latest Sitecore features and enhancements, empowering you to deliver exceptional digital experiences to your audience while maximising the value of your investment. 

VE3 offer you comprehensive assistance and expert guidance. From troubleshooting critical issues to regular maintenance tasks, our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to ensure your Sitecore platform operates smoothly. This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the technical aspects, providing you peace of mind and reliable support whenever needed . 

VE3 offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge Sitecore technology solutions that elevate your digital presence. With our expertise in Sitecore, we provide seamless integration, tailored solutions, and exceptional digital experiences. From Sitecore implementation to custom development, we ensure your specific requirements are met. Our Sitecore migration services enable smooth transitions from other CMS platforms, and our Sitecore upgrade services keep you ahead with the latest features. With ongoing support and maintenance, we optimise and ensure the smooth operation of your Sitecore platform. Trust VE3 for innovative Sitecore technology solutions that drive success in the digital landscape. 

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OrderCloud Migrator

We support multiple platforms, including XC, and offer faster time to market and Improved efficiency, complemented by Assurex's FE accelerator and a hassle-free, risk-free migration process.

Social Commerce

We help maximise the reach with a social media storefront, selling directly to customers, delivering personalised experiences, and leveraging a true headless implementation.

XM Cloud-Content Hub

We effortlessly migrate and consolidate content using the XM Cloud-Content Hub Migrator, ensuring a smooth transition and centralised management of your digital assets.

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Our Sitecore Capabilities

At VE3, we offer end-to-end Sitecore services to help businesses effectively deploy and optimize their sitecore-based applications. Our comprehensive solutions cover every stage of the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation.



VE3’s Platform Modernization service offers a comprehensive solution for transforming your Sitecore platform into a modern and high-performing digital experience powerhouse by leveraging HDX accelerator.



VE3’s Experience Personalization service leverages the power of Sitecore technology to enhance your overall customer experience by delivering personalized and tailored interactions in real-time.



VE3’s Content Management service, offers a robust and comprehensive solution to effectively manage and optimize your digital content and empower businesses to take control of their content creation snd delivery.


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