Pioneering a New Era in Financial Services 

Open Banking



In the rapidly evolving world of finance, Open Banking has emerged as a game-changing force, driving unprecedented levels of innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity. As a global leader in professional services, VE3 is uniquely positioned to guide businesses through the complex landscape of Open Banking, enabling them to harness its transformative power and stay ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive approach combines deep industry expertisestate-of-the-art technology solutions, and strategic partnerships to help financial institutions fully capitalise on the opportunities presented by Open Banking, fuel growth, and deliver unparalleled value to their customers. 

Unlocking New Horizons for Financial Empowerment

Enhanced Financial Accessibility

Empower customers by giving them greater control and access to their financial data.

Innovative Financial Capabilities

Fuels innovation by fostering collaboration and competition among financial institutions and third-party providers.

Secure and Regulated Environment

Commited to security to build trust between customers, financial institutions & third-party providers

Unlocking Synergy and Value in the Evolving Financial Ecosystem 

VE3 empowers clients to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape by providing advanced strategic insights and market intelligence. We conduct in-depth analysis of market trends, competitive dynamics, and regulatory changes to formulate bespoke strategies and business models that propel growth, elevate customer experience, and enhance operational efficiency in the open banking ecosystem. 

VE3 supports clients in identifying, evaluating, and collaborating with the most suitable API partners to bolster their open banking initiatives. Capitalizing on our extensive industry knowledge and relationships, we facilitate clients in forging strategic partnerships that augment their product offerings, broaden their market reach, and optimize their operations. 

VE3 fosters innovation and value creation by assisting clients in developing cutting-edge solutions and services. We closely collaborate with clients to pinpoint market opportunities, devise customer-centric solutions, and launch ground-breaking open banking products that cater to the dynamic needs of consumers and businesses. 

VE3 equips clients to harness the potential of data analytics and personalisation. We aid clients in identifying and implementing state-of-the-art data-driven solutions that bolster efficiency, enhance customer experience, and generate new revenue streams in the industry. 

VE3 guides clients through the intricate and constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Our team of seasoned experts offers counsel on regulatory requirements, supports clients in achieving compliance, and devises strategies to mitigate risks and capitalize on regulatory changes. 

VE3 delivers sophisticated operational efficiency and cost management solutions that enable clients to bolster their bottom line. We assist clients in uncovering cost-saving opportunities, streamlining operations, and implementing best practices to attain operational excellence and maximize profitability. 

We provide comprehensive support to clients in integrating open banking solutions and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders. We help clients pinpoint strategic integration opportunities, evaluate potential synergies, and execute triumphant collaborations that drive growth and create value. 

VE3 assists clients in accelerating their digital transformation journey by facilitating the modernisation and adoption of open banking platforms. We offer end-to-end support, encompassing digital strategy development, platform selection, implementation, and ongoing management, ensuring clients fully capitalise on the advantages of modern technology in their operations. 

VE3 guarantees clients' open banking solutions' quality, performance, and security. We execute rigorous testing and validation processes to identify and address potential issues, minimise risks, and optimize the performance of systems and applications. 

VE3 helps clients safeguard their open banking operations from cyber threats and mitigate digital risks. We formulate and implement robust security strategies, policies, and controls to protect sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and instil customer trust in the digital age. 



VE3 provides users with a unified view of their financial accounts from different institutions. By leveraging open banking APIs, our solutions enable users to access and manage their bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments in one convenient location. This simplifies financial management and empowers users to make informed decisions based on their complete financial picture.

Personal Financial Management

VE3 helps users take control of their finances by providing comprehensive tools to monitor and manage their financial activities. By aggregating data from multiple sources, our solutions enable users to track expenses, set budgets, monitor savings, and plan for future financial goals. Users can also receive personalised insights and recommendations to improve their financial health and achieve their objectives.


VE3 revolutionises the loan application and approval process by utilising open banking technologies to streamline and expedite the lending experience. Our solutions connect borrowers with multiple lenders, allowing them to compare loan offers and select the best option for their needs. The automated process reduces paperwork, minimises errors, and accelerates credit decisions, benefiting borrowers and lenders.


VE3 leverages open banking APIs to offer secure, efficient, and seamless transactions between users and merchants. Our solutions support various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, and integrate with existing payment systems to ensure a smooth user experience. We prioritise regulatory compliance and data security to protect both users and merchants from potential risks.

SME Banking Solutions

VE3 understands the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and offers tailored banking solutions that leverage open banking capabilities. Our services include account management, financing options, and payment processing, all designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. By providing easy access to financial services and resources, we help SMEs grow and thrive in a competitive market.


VE3 is committed to ensuring solutions and services adhere to relevant regulations and industry standards within the open banking ecosystem. We maintain compliance with data security, privacy, and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements to protect our clients and their customers. Our team of experts continuously monitors regulatory changes and updates our solutions to ensure ongoing compliance.

API Development and Integration

VE3 specialises in developing and integrating open banking APIs that enable seamless communication between financial institutions, fintech companies, and third-party providers. Our API solutions facilitate secure data sharing and enable the development of innovative financial services that enhance the user experience. We work closely with clients to ensure smooth integration with their existing systems and processes, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

VE3 utilises open banking APIs to analyse data patterns across multiple financial institutions, identifying potential fraud and mitigating risks in real-time. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, our solutions enable clients to quickly detect and respond to fraudulent activities, minimising losses and maintaining trust in the digital banking ecosystem.

Customer Onboarding

VE3 streamlines customer onboarding by leveraging open banking technologies to securely access and verify customer data. Our solutions automate the account opening process, reducing manual processes, and improving efficiency. We provide a seamless onboarding experience and help financial institutions and fintech companies attract and retain customers.


Market Infrastructure 

Adherence to local and international regulations 

Compliance with PSD2, GDPR, and other relevant laws 

Secure authentication and authorization mechanisms 

Implementation of OAuth 2.0 or other industry-standard protocols 

⇒Encryption of data in transit and at rest 

⇒Adherence to data protection regulations and best practices 

⇒Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems

⇒Automated clearinghouses (ACHs) 

Collaboration between financial institutions, fintech companies, and regulators 

Promotion of innovation and competition in the financial services industry 

⇒Seamless user experience across various channels and devices 

⇒Focus on customer-centric product and service offerings 

API Architecture 

API roadmap planning 

API governance models 

API lifecycle management 

Developer portal creation 

API-based service offerings 

Revenue-sharing models 

API performance testing 

Ongoing API monitoring 

Developer-friendly documentation

API versioning management 

API usage insights 

Performance optimization

Strategies and Capabilities

In open banking, a well-crafted strategy and adherence to regulatory requirements are vital for organisations to thrive in this rapidly evolving financial landscape. A robust strategy enables businesses to harness the full potential of open banking, facilitating innovation in financial services, enhancing customer experiences, and creating new revenue streams.   

Forge a cutting-edge open banking strategy with VE3 by capitalising on our extensive expertise and experience, propelling your organisation’s growth and digital transformation. Our proficiency in strategy and regulation ensures seamless navigation through the intricate open banking landscape, guaranteeing compliance with local and international regulations like PSD2 and GDPR while promoting innovation in financial services.   

Our strategic guidance and regulatory acumen equip you with a robust open banking foundation, aligning with your business goals and fostering long-term prosperity. Our bespoke approach empowers you to unlock open banking’s full potential, generating new revenue streams, elevating customer experiences, and accelerating digital transformation across your organisation. 

Frameworks and Standards 

Open Banking UK

Read/Write API specifications

Detailed technical guidelines for creating and consuming APIs, enabling access to account information and payment initiation services.

Security and customer consent management

Ensuring data protection and privacy by implementing robust security measures and obtaining explicit customer consent for data sharing.

Customer experience guidelines

Ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across different banking platforms and third-party services.

TPP onboarding and registration

Streamlined processes for third-party providers to register and gain access to the Open Banking ecosystem.

Ongoing standard evolution and maintenance

Continuous improvement and updates to the Open Banking UK standards to reflect evolving industry needs and regulatory requirements.

Berlin Group

NextGenPSD2 Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines and API specifications, designed to ensure seamless and secure data sharing between banks and TPPs.

API specifications for AIS, PIS, and FCS

Detailed technical specifications for account information, payment initiation, and fund confirmation services.

PSD2 compliance and RTS alignment

Ensuring compliance with the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and its Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS).

Cross-border interoperability

Facilitating seamless data sharing and collaboration between banks and TPPs across European countries.

Multi-factor authentication support

Implementing strong customer authentication methods, including two-factor and risk-based adaptive authentication.

OpenID FAPI (Financial-grade API) 

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect-based security framework

Leveraging widely adopted security standards to ensure robust protection of sensitive financial data.

Strong customer authentication and consent management

Implement authentication methods that meet regulatory requirements and obtain customer data sharing consent.

Security profiles for read and write access

Defining specific security measures for different types of API access, depending on the data sensitivity and operations involved.

Interoperability with other Open Banking standards

Ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with other Open Banking frameworks, such as Open Banking UK and the Berlin Group.

Certification program for FAPI-compliant implementations

Providing a means for financial institutions and TPPs to demonstrate their adherence to the FAPI standards and ensure the security of their implementations.

Regulation and Public Policy

At VE3, we understand the significance of Open Banking as a transformative force in the financial services industry. Open Banking initiatives are driven by regulatory changes and public policy objectives that foster innovation, enhance competition, and empower consumers with greater control over their financial data.  

Regulatory frameworks, such as the European Union’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the United Kingdom’s Open Banking Standard, have played a crucial role in shaping the Open Banking ecosystem. These regulations mandate banks to provide secure access to customer account information and payment initiation services to third-party providers (TPPs) through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 

As experts in the field, VE3 is committed to helping financial institutions navigate the complex regulatory landscape and adapt to the evolving Open Banking environment. We offer tailored solutions and strategic guidance to ensure compliance with relevant regulations while seizing new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Our approach to Open Banking regulation and public policy includes: 

Regulatory Compliance

We assist financial institutions in understanding and implementing the necessary measures to comply with Open Banking regulations, such as data security, customer consent management, and API standardization.

Strategic Advisory

We provide insights on emerging trends, best practices, and potential impacts of Open Banking on business models, helping organizations stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Collaborative Partnerships

We facilitate collaboration between banks, TPPs, and other stakeholders in the Open Banking ecosystem, fostering innovation and driving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Policy Advocacy

We engage with regulators, policymakers, and industry associations to promote the development of a harmonized and forward-looking Open Banking framework that supports the growth of the financial services sector.


From API integration and data sharing to regulatory compliance and customer-centric solutions, we provide strategic guidance that helps businesses unlock the full potential of open banking, fostering innovation and growth.


What makes us different?


We are dedicated to offering unwavering assistance, navigating you through every phase of the open banking journey, utilizing our advanced expertise to foster innovation and execution, while guaranteeing ongoing enhancements and professional guidance even after the successful launch. 

Pioneering Leadership

VE3 stands out as an early adopter and thought leader in open banking, driving the industry forward with innovative solutions and best practices.


VE3’s deep API development and management expertise enables us to create seamless, secure, and efficient open banking integrations, distinguishing us from other firms.   

Regulatory Expertise

VE3’s thorough understanding of open banking regulations and compliance requirements ensures clients remain compliant while leveraging new opportunities in the financial ecosystem. 

Customer-Centric Approach

VE3’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences through open banking solutions sets us apart, as we prioritise user needs and satisfaction in our service delivery. 

Digital Insider


Our clients trust us for our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering results. We assemble a team of world-class Open Banking experts to ensure the success of your next project.