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The travel and hospitality industry has grown multiple folds in the last few decades. We are all tourists from heart and soul, and industry has  ensured that our travel is easy, fun, cost-effective and safe. The travel and hospitality industry are vital components of the global economy. It  is critical to economic growth and job creation, with significant contributions to GDP and employment opportunities in a range of fields, including transportation, accommodations, food service, and entertainment. The key driver of such  exponential growth in the travel and hospitality industry is the increasing number of travellers seeking unique and authentic experiences. As consumers become more sophisticated and discerning, they seek personalised and immersive travel experiences that allow them to connect with local culture and history.  This trend has led to the rise of experiential travel, emphasising activities and experiences that enable travellers to engage and interact meaningfully with their surroundings. Seeing the market scenario, VE3 has understood that ‘the only human’ approach deprives the consumers of many things and has thus formulated solutions that cover everything from cloud hotel software, premise hotel software, restaurant POS, restaurant management, and inventory management to the booking engine. Additionally, we use techtools such as social computing, IoT, Cloud, mobility & big data analysis tor improve  operational efficiency. 



Digital Transformation

Gear Up Your Business for the Digital Age. Our Digital Experts Help Businesses Adapt to the Upcoming Digital Era and Enhance Operation Using the Immense Power of Technology.

Product Innovation

Transform Ideas Into Game Changing Technology. We Help Businesses Be One Step Ahead of Their Competition with Next-Gen Innovative Technologies that Cater to User Needs.


Technology Optimisation

Maximize Business Potential with Strategic Enhancements. We Help Businesses Increase Outcome Exponentially Through Measured Technological Upgrades.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Agile Transformation

Enable businesses to adopt and implement agile methodologies to improve their productivity, responsiveness, and adaptability.

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Cloud Engineering

Provide on-demand access to shared computing resources, such as servers, storage, and applications, enabling organizations to scale and manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently.

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DevOps Solutions

Involve the creation, testing, and deployment of custom software applications to meet specific business needs and improve efficiency.

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API Management

Provides  a centralized platform for organizations to design, deploy, monitor, and secure their APIs, enabling them to efficiently manage and scale their API programs.

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AI and Data Analytics

Enable organizations to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. 

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Product Engineering

Provides end-to-end support for development, design, testing, and deployment of software products, leveraging best practices to accelerate time-to-market, improve quality, and enhance user experiences.

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Experience Design

Provides a customer-centric approach to designing and improving digital products and services, leveraging usability testing and visual design to create intuitive, engaging user experience.

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Digital Advisory

Provide strategic guidance and expertise to organizations in navigating digital transformation, leveraging emerging technologies and innovative solutions to optimize processes.

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Application Modernization

Involves updating and upgrading legacy applications to improve functionality, reduce costs, enhance user experience, and align with the latest technologies and industry standards.

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Process Automation

Leverages technology and automation to streamline and optimize business processes for improved efficiency, productivity, and agility, ensuring business development and growth.

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Enterprise Platforms

Provides a comprehensive, scalable and efficient solution for managing and integrating business applications and data across the organization's entire infrastructure.

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Why Choose Us?

Asset Management

We establish a unified solution that assists in managing complex portfolios of multi-disciplinary assets, to achieve business goals and improve customer experience.

Insights Management

Attracting customers through direct channels is a tough path to succeed on. Herein to tackle the issue, we use a machine-first approach to customize the offerings based on customers’ context and preferences.

Travel Experience

As consumer expectations are shifting, we guide companies in developing the best strategy across channels to produce smooth, safe, and enjoyable experiences that boost customer confidence.


We implement cloud-based tools and processes that help cut costs on IT infrastructure and connect with airports, customs, online travel agencies and all the requisite partners seamlessly in real-time.


Hotels and Resorts

We assist by implementing software that can automate tasks such as reservation management, check-ins, check-outs, billing, housekeeping, guest behaviour, and feedback, which can be used to improve guest experiences.


We help incorporate systems like revenue management and flight booking, which help optimise pricing and seat inventory, automate booking processes, and provide a personalised experience to customers.

Travel Agencies

We help agencies automate booking processes, manage customer relationships, and target customers with personalised offers by strategically utilising marketing automation tools.


We help organisations develop strong connections with customers, robust sensing and modeling capabilities, and to reinvent how they think and operate continually.

Case Study


Wheels, a shared electric mobility platform, designed to revolutionize dockless mobility offers hybrid electric vehicles that are sleek in design with swappable parts, batteries and real-time dynamic maintenance, enabling users to get low-cost, fun and comfortable e-bikes to get around cities through the connection of a smartphone. 

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