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In today’s rapidly evolving economic environment, cloud computing, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS), has become essential in tackling rising inflationary pressures and alleviating cost strains. VE3 specialises in providing a wide range of cloud services and applications, utilising the power of AWS. Our multiple deployment approach, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS), enables businesses to scale up or down based on their requirements without the need for expensive hardware investments. We understand the complexities of AWS and offer comprehensive assistance to businesses in navigating this intricate world. Our certified AWS experts provide valuable expertise in cost optimisation strategies, security and compliance measures, and performance optimisation techniques. By leveraging our cloud services and the power of AWS, we help businesses maximise their usage and optimise costs. 


Provides accessibility of data & applications from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.


Maintains operations in the face of hardware failures, network outages, or other disruptions.


Rapidly provisions and deploys resources without any manual intervention and lengthy setup times.

Our AWS Specialities

Bridging the Gap between Data Silos 

Here at VE3, we offer end-to-end solutions to deploy an application in AWS. We encompass all the stages i.e., creating an account, configuring security protocols, choosing the appropriate services, creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), launching EC2 instances, calibrating load balancers and databases, and monitoring the application’s performance to ensure it runs smoothly and securely. 


AWS Optimisation

We provide economies of scale by pooling resources and expertise. Herein, we make the most of the pay-as-you-go pricing model and ensure the client is not overpaying for services.  


AWS Integration

We help businesses integrate their AWS infrastructure with existing systems and applications. Herein, we migrate the data, set up API integrations, and ensure seamless workflows. 


AWS Cloud DevOps

We design scalable, secure, and high-performance cloud solutions and implement DevOps processes wherein we apply container orchestration and chaos engineering best practices. 

Our Transformation Approach

Your Path to Innovation and Growth 

Our Capabilities


VE3 specialises in providing a comprehensive range of cloud services and applications, leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our expertise in AWS allows us to offer a diverse deployment approach, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This flexible deployment model empowers businesses to scale up or down based on their unique requirements without costly hardware investments As an AWS-focused consultancy, we understand the intricacies of the AWS ecosystem and provide valuable assistance to businesses in navigating this complex landscape. Our certified AWS experts are dedicated to optimising your AWS usage, offering cost optimisation strategies, security and compliance conduct, and performance optimisation techniques. We optimise your AWS environment, enabling you to derive maximum value from your cloud investment. 

Managed Services

We empower you with automated provisioning, configuration, and IT infrastructure management by leveraging industry-leading tools and frameworks. We streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance operational efficiency. 

We enable seamless data replication across multiple locations, ensuring resilience and availability during data loss or disaster. 

We provide comprehensive insights and monitor, analyse, and optimise your cloud infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary costs, optimize resource allocation, and ensure maximum return on investment. 

We offer 24/7 proactive monitoring, incident management, and rapid issue resolution for your infrastructure and proactively detect and address potential issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operations. 

We deliver comprehensive reports and actionable insights on your infrastructure’s performance, utilization, and security to provide visibility into key metrics, trends, and vulnerabilities, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your IT strategy.

We help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and industry best practices by assisting in implementing robust security controls, conducting audits, and developing compliance frameworks tailored to your industry.

We ensure secure and efficient content delivery to end-users while safeguarding data integrity and optimizing content delivery networks (CDNs) to enhance performance, reduce latency, and protect against unauthorized access.

We combine advanced security tools and algorithms to continuously monitor your environment for potential threats and leverage machine learning and AI-driven analytics to detect anomalies, suspicious activities, and potential breaches.

We establish robust controls and protocols to manage user identities and access privileges. We implement multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and centralised user provisioning to ensure secure and authorised access to your systems and resources. 

Strategic Security
Database Services

We ensure a smooth and efficient date transition from legacy systems or different platforms to a new environment and consolidate, restructure, or upgrade your data infrastructure without disruptions. 

We prioritise the protection of your data assets and implement robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and data masking, to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorised access or breaches. 

We offer a centralised repository for storing, organising, and analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. We also design and implement data warehouse architectures that support efficient data retrieval, reporting, and analysis. 

We enable seamless data flow across various systems and platforms and employ industry-standard integration frameworks and technologies to connect disparate data sources, ensuring data consistency, accuracy, and availability. 

We ensure your data is stored and replicated across multiple regions for enhanced scalability, reliability, and disaster recovery, we also leverage distributed database technologies to minimise latency, improve performance, and provide high availability in geographically dispersed environments. 

We implement redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous data availability We design and deploy architectures that replicate and synchronise data in real time, providing automatic failover during hardware failures or system disruptions. 

We combine development and operations practices to streamline software delivery and automate build, test, and deployment processes, ensuring faster and more reliable releases. 

We leverage containerisation technologies like Kubernetes to simplify application deployment and management and design event-driven architectures that enable loosely coupled, scalable, and resilient systems. 

We embrace cloud technologies and architecture patterns to build scalable and resilient applications and leverage cloud services like serverless computing, microservices, and auto-scaling to enable agility, cost-efficiency, and rapid innovation. 

We create unified experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints by leveraging edge computing technologies to bring computing power closer to end-users, enabling low-latency interactions and real-time data processing.

We focus on creating engaging, user-centric mobile applications and combine innovative design, seamless user experience, and robust backend development to deliver intuitive and feature-rich consumer apps.

We automate manual and repetitive tasks, integrating systems and streamlining business processes. We employ robotic process automation (RPA), workflow automation, and intelligent integrations to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

We enable agility and scalability by breaking down applications into smaller, independent microservices, allowing for rapid development, deployment, and scalability.

Application Development
Artificial Intelligence
  • Gap Analysis and AI Roadmap
  • Solution ​Architecture​
  • Large Language​ Models
  • Open-Source Support
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model Design & Development
  • Model Deployment​
  • Prediction & Recommendation​

  • Visualization, ​Reporting & Analysis

  • Chatbots & ​Virtual Assistants

  • Business Intelligence ​& Analytics​

We evaluate your application landscape to identify opportunities for optimisation, modernisation, and consolidation and assess factors like business value, technical debt, and alignment with strategic objectives. 

We provide strategic guidance and support throughout the integration process, assess IT landscapes, identify synergies, and develop integration roadmaps to merge systems, processes, and data seamlessly. 

We help streamline and optimise business processes by automating manual and repetitive tasks, analysing your workflows, identifying automation opportunities, and implementing robust solutions using robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent workflow engines. 

We modernise your applications in a phased and iterative manner and analyse your existing applications, identify areas for improvement, and refactor them using modern architectures, frameworks, and technologies. 

We migrate applications to modern and scalable infrastructure, such as cloud platforms or containerised environments. We assess your application requirements, design the target architecture, and perform the migration with minimal disruption. 

We provide a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure components, dependencies, and configurations and create detailed infrastructure maps, document system interactions, and identify opportunities for optimisation, consolidation, or modernisation. 

We ensure a seamless transition to new environments, such as cloud platforms or upgraded infrastructure. We assess your current systems, define migration goals, and develop a detailed plan that covers data migration, application dependencies, and testing.

Migration & Modernization

Why Choose VE3?


The Experienced and Certified Project Managers and Analysts confirm the delivery of your application within the described time.


Multiple communication plans & streams to update with project progress. We also are always available to discuss changes and queries.


Our cost-efficient pricing models include pay per hour, pay per milestone and pay at project completion.


After an insight into your current business procedures, we offer multiple deployment approaches (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS). 


Our cloud development team comprises certified AWS experts aware of each cloud component configuration.

Our Technology Expertise 

Amazon SageMaker

A fully managed service that provides developers and data scientists with tools to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly and easily.

Amazon EMR

A big data platform that allows developers to process vast amounts of data using open-source tools like Apache Hadoop and Spark. 

Amazon Redshift

A fast, fully managed data warehouse that allows organizations to analyse large volumes of data using SQL and business intelligence tools.

Amazon Rekognition

A computer vision service that uses deep learning to analyse and recognize images and videos, and can detect faces, objects, and text within them.

Amazon Textract

A machine learning service that can automatically extract text and data from scanned documents.

Amazon Comprehend

A natural language processing service that can analyse and understand text in multiple languages, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and topic modelling.

Amazon Personalize

A machine learning service that allows developers to build recommendation engines for personalized product recommendations.

Amazon Kinesis

A platform for real-time data streaming and processing, allowing developers to ingest, process, and analyse data in real-time.

Amazon QuickSight

A cloud-powered business intelligence service that allows users to create and share interactive dashboards and visualizations from data in AWS.

Amazon Glue

A fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that makes it easy to move data between data stores, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Amazon EC2

A scalable virtual server in the cloud for running applications and workloads.

Amazon S3

A scalable cloud storage service for object storage and data backup.

Amazon Lambda

A serverless computing service for running code without provisioning or managing servers.

Amazon RDS

A managed relational database service that simplifies database management and scaling.

Amazon CloudFront

A content delivery network (CDN) that distributes content to users worldwide with low latency and high data transfer speeds.


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