VE3 is committed to promoting supply chain excellence with our subcontractors. 

VE3 is fully committed to being fair, honest, and transparent with our Partners at every stage of our Partner relationships as well as supporting and enabling supply chain performance and investing in our supply chain networks. 

Our procurement processes adhere to the principles of open, transparent and fair procurement practice. We work to ensure that value for money is achieved throughout our procurement and supply chain management activities. VE3 commits to conduct our procurement activities responsibly and with integrity.   

VE3 Supply chain management ethos: 

  • To develop diverse, flexible and quality supply chains – bespoke to each contract and geography 
  • To bring together organisations who share our vision and values and are committed to providing the best service to our customers 
  • To consult supply chain partners in the co-design of services and processes 
  • To work collaboratively with supply chain partners to enable ideas, expertise and best practice to be shared 
  • To operate in an open, fair and transparent way 
  • To communicate targets and expectations clearly and consistently 
  • To celebrate performance and recognise success 
  • To provide support, advice and training where providers are struggling 
  • To promote our commitment to facilitating the development of staff within our supply chains 
  • To ensure quality of service, equal opportunities, diversity and contract compliance through access to contract specific policies and procedures 
  • To actively manage contracts and supply chain performance to ensure our approach is proactive and maximises contract performance 
  • We also advertise all opportunities directly on the VE3 Website.